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Artiste peintre

peinture contemporaine surréaliste
Translation by
Jeannette Morrison 

Although she used to draw since her early childhood, MTYSZ’s breakthrough came after a trip to the Seychelles, where the revelation of the underwater world changed the course of her life.
She started diving and discovered an underworld full of life, color and emotions
As a self taught artist she wanted to convey her vision of the oceans to others, and frenetically turned out picture after picture
Enamored of science & nature, she focuses on all kinds of things which govern out lives, including sensual legs in motion, meant to arouse.
She paints improbable cities, which lead to an improbable future
Her themes are interconnected by the invisible thread of elements such as water, soil, matter, air, light, temperature & fire, always designed to discover & innovate, to find links between different forms of life which are constantly in motion, aiming at improving the sum total.
Under the influence of the Belgian surrealist Magritte as well as M. C. Escher, Dominique Appia, Dali and others, she creates images by marrying the fantastic with the ordinary.
Her colorful legs are designed to depict a world in motion, her concern about environmental changes, about women’s lives in our times, brought to life through a surrealistic approach.
Playfully using light & shadows with her own range of colors, she uses these images to challenge the viewer to discover, intentionally or not, what it is that they see, through their own life experience and feelings.
She wants their emotions to be aroused by a different sense of reality, so she can hear what they see.
New themes and novel ideas will be addressed in 2014/2015, through new techniques which will express other facets of the artist’s personality.
Most of her work is in the form of oil paintings, on framed stretched canvas, canvas boards, as well as wood boards  (for chocolate bars) using a mixed technique of collages, acrylics, aerosol, sequins, metallic powder, and a variety of markers for the Schlack series.

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