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MTYSZ se prononce:
M-TIZ pour les français

EM_TEEZ pour les anglophones

          Having always drawn since a very young age, the click happened for the artist after a trip to the Seychelles where the revelation of the underwater world changed his life.
          She takes up scuba diving and discovers a world full of life and color, charged with emotion. 
Self-taught painter, she decides to transmit her personal vision by painting and connects painting on painting with frenzy.
          Fervent reader of science fiction, passionate about science and nature, she is interested in everything that governs our lives, makes sensual legs dance to arouse emotions, impossible cities to move towards a possible future.
          All the themes are interconnected with the omnipresence of the sea, a vibrant blue sky and light.  
          Influenced by Magritte, Dali, MC Eischer and D. Appia among others, she innovates by creating her own imaginary world mixing fantasy with everyday life.
          To interpret life, she stages, sometimes legs, cities or even golf, to express herself on events, situations.
Concerned with ecology, society and the role of women, she turned to paintings with messages in a style akin to surrealism.

          By playing with shadows and light in a palette of vibrant colors, she brings out images, intended or not, which she lets us discover according to our feelings and emotions.
          For some time now, in his Villes series, dancers appear lost in futuristic cities with impossible perspectives.
           His intention:  provoke emotion, question and listen to our gaze.
           Precise and imaginative, she interprets the past, the present and launches into the future with her models or her busts, sometimes half men-women sometimes half human-cyborgs, always with the aim of revealing messages that are sometimes very well hidden.
           The pictorial language is used to him to give to the objects a significance and a destination different from reality but always in a coherent step.


Techniques used

           Oil painting until around 2013, then mostly acrylic following a permanent allergy to oil painting.
           On some canvas frames a  mixed technique using additional collages, acrylic paint, glitter, metallic powder,  refined tanned hides,  various bombs and markers.
Supports: frame with stretched canvas, but sometimes canvas cardboard and wooden plates.

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