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                                    Messages from the guestbook  


I loved traveling in your universe, I almost caressed your busts covered with "lace" with supernaturally precise details, I wanted to adopt one of your panthers, I dreamed in your underwater world; your 360° imagination enchanted me. JC

I really like the concepts and meaning given to the various works. Loneliness in the city, femininity, water... the paintings on mannequins are elegant and sensual. It makes you want to see his works, to approach them, to probe all the keys. Cheer ! Fabienne   

What a pleasure to have given me your site it has been 2 hours since I discovered your character and all your expressions and feelings of Life, Love and happiness from elsewhere I really liked the paintings of 2009 ( The fracture, scandal at sea, etc.) So many similarities in our approach to different themes (for example, I also scuba dive and the extreme side of my character makes me become a rescue diver; you like to listen the looks I like to listen to the smiles, you are an artist, I am attentive and very demanding of music, painting, gastronomy, Too bad to have stopped everything because I am sure that Michelle still has a lot to say to us and to us give seen his art, his artistic sensibility and his dream elsewhere Congratulationsssss and thank you Friendly

Patrick Prosper

Congratulations I found a person who completes my work I hope we will be able to work together Marie Annick

What talent ! A sensibility, an imaginary between science fiction and dreamlike perceptible, with the right balance which makes that the forms and the colors, such as associated on the canvas resonate in me, some more than others. I particularly like the ocėanes reveries, cities and schlack attitude series. It's a chance to have met you and to have had the chance to discuss with you the construction of some of your works. I can't wait to see the originals. Yours, Christine

Christine (from the Mojito)


All the same these severed legs, these perforated lower bellies; reveal interesting sadistic trauma. As a traumatized person myself, I really appreciate it. Michael of Brest

I really like your paintings, and your creative spirit. Julian

Professional deformation, I really like the "cities", another deformation, I really like the legs. Thierry

I love your paintings, your universe to which I am extremely sensitive, the colors, the themes wonderfully represented, what talent! Congratulations Michèle! Very friendly. Celine.

Celine Photos Art Nature

Elenad talbzsyt 

Very impressed by your site and your work this year I really like: La schlack attitude 7 8 et 9 And the series of cities Continue it's very beautiful!!23/6/2013



Sorry, I like your art and painting...


It's simply magnificent nothing to say;


I love you ....


Congratulations, an artistic sensibility for ART


Surprising, fascinating, a dreamer who takes us into her World shimmering colors, balance of the Masses, invitation to a little trip For my part, preference for the City space but for very personal reasons

Very nice and original what you do, especially the ocean daydreams: very bright! Good night after our great evening in Neuilly. Hugs Isabelle

Definitely I like your questions about legs...

A revelation ... a talented, surprising and original artist, to be discovered just as much as her works full of emotion and sensitivity ...Bertrand

wonderful, extraordinary artist.  Francoise Samyn    

The dreamlike vision offered by your creations around golf totally renews the pictorial codes of this sport. I wish you great success  !  George the


Congratulations, we talked about painting after your consultation yesterday. I really love what you do. Sometimes, it is good to change paths ....... Congratulations again. Carole CALOU

The more I know you, the more you please me, and your Work exalts what you are: always renewed, never repeated. You often doubt, and I think that this doubt, somewhere, always helps you to go a little further. Continue to paint and because it seems to me that you are far from having delivered all that you have to share. Your friend and admirer. HAS. 



Congratulations, congratulations and congratulations again for your site!!! You have arranged it very well and I wish you a flourishing creativity... Affectionately and artistically from François-régis.​ HRF  



Hello Michèle, I see that your site is growing day by day, Bravo, and what a talent!!! Good continuation and do not hesitate if you need I am there on the forum or by mail. PS: You wouldn't be the lookalike of Corinne Touzet by any chance...? Jean Marc


Congratulations for your site. You knew how to perfectly highlight your works in a bouquet of originality...

Maurice Albay


Congratulations on your site, it is very well designed, aesthetically pleasing to browse, I suspect that it was a lot of work to develop it, but the result is there.



very classy ... and great the 3 photos of the home page kisses po


bravo - nice start ....po

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